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If you have frustrated from your boring life where no enjoyment and excitement is, you are living a life without fun, so you are spending your time with worse way, you need to go on such a place where you can get back a happy life that you are missing from your life cause of your busy working schedule.

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Dream to be a male escort

Malaysia and Turkish Escort

Funny thing is: I don't even know if u r a guy or a women, Russian or Malaysian, how old? But in due time like I mention before perhaps 1 day we will meet? I was in JB last weekend to spend time at the spa. I had a good massage & sex from a very cute Vietnamese girl. Very young as well, 18 years old maybe. Came back to Singapore feeling fresh. It cost RM$218. Just wish it was a young Russian blonde but I wait and hope it can be soon.

Because like the website suggest, it's too expensive. Speaking of website, thanks for the whole list of address u forward. I have yet to go through all of them but I try to do it within next few days. Most of them r 4 escorts and bcoz u mention "need promote" I presume u want me to start promoting them in Spore. I can do that.

Anyways remember last year I told u I want to do business with u? I have sort of change my mind. Of course I can still promote but I must also try out and experience some of the girls 1st. The 1 in KL that I tried last year from other Russian KL website was an elderly lady, short blonde hair, big size!

So disappointed she doesn't look anything like the beautiful girls in the website pictures! I decided to pay the RM$800 and do her be coz I already travel there to KL. Anyways now I have different plan. I want u to help me find any agency that do "male escort". I want to do male escort to be coz I feel this is what I was born to do!. I am sure u have contacts and can find me an agency. It's ok if in Spore or Msia. But if can be overseas like some country in Europe or Russia or other parts of Asia even better! So I know u can help me get in contact with some people u know and tell them about me. I know if I stay in Spore I will only get boring jobs like sales, hotel and just grow old regretting for the rest of my life! I am not so young anymore and like I told u in my last email I have been thinking about working in sex industry all my life! I will give u all the information u need about me and also photos. U just have to ask me what u need. I believe there 2 kind of people in this world: those who r "force into sex industry" and those who r "born into sex industry". I surely say I am the second type. Be coz since very young, 10 years old I always think when I grow up I want to be in sex industry.

It's a gut feeling u feel inside u. But a person is not ready until the day comes and also depend on fate. For me, now in my life, like I told u, after improving my self image for so long (it took me over 20 years), and getting to contact u, it seem all predestined and fated! To be male escort is not just about the earning money. The person must always feel horny, enjoy giving the pleasure, love, passion to the women no matter how she looks! But all this love cannot be force out, it must comes naturally from within your personality and for me this is what I am feeling. I see girls, women everyday and I can sense they r hungry for sex and wish I could shower them with so much love and pleasure that I have inside me. Aaarrgghhh!!! It's so frustrating!!!

Ok. I guess I write so much already and told u more about myself. I see what reply u will give me and I will write again. Good night! And yeah, I will check out those websites.

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